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Laura Allen

Counsellor / Life Coach

Laura is a Counsellor and Certified Life Coach currently in college upgrading her counselling credentials to become registered. After numerous attempts at treatment herself, she began her recovery journey on July 1st, 2019. As a former treatment client, Laura loves the opportunity to work at the Centre for Change. She knows that from her own experience, the intimate setting, the workshops, and the 1-1 counselling are all amazing and life changing. She now finds that being a part of other people’s recovery is the most rewarding thing she’s ever done. She knows that her story can help save lives, and she can’t imagine doing anything else.
As a mother and full-time student, she doesn’t have a lot of spare time but when she does have some, she enjoys going for bike rides, swimming, and spending time with her friends and family (especially her kids). Her youngest reminds her to stay present, to play, to laugh and enjoy the small stuff.

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Laura Allen: TeamMember
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