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Overcoming Addiction

Our premier Centre provides highly skilled and dedicated professionals who provide structured holistic treatment programming that evolved from many years of experience, education and, most importantly, our own personal journey's of recovery. We know – first hand – what it takes to move from a place of hopeless desperation to happiness and freedom, and we have developed a successful, proven, and effective program that has been established since 2012.
Our clinicians utilize a wide variety of therapeutic approaches allowing us to provide some personalized treatment for all guests, based on his or her unique background and experience. Our treatment program integrates a well-rounded balance of individual and group therapy sessions, 12-step facilitation, alternative therapies, exercise, healthy meals and time for relaxation and reflection.
Learning these habits in everyday life is essential for people who are determined to succeed in their recovery after the rehab program is complete. We rely on the 12-step program as a basis for continual, on-going support due to its proven effectiveness and success. Guests leave our care with Hope and Confidence in living life with healthy coping skills, and numerous strategies to draw from. Allow our treatment team to serve as your guide as you begin your personal journey into recovery. We will focus on your individual needs, as well as those of your family, and aftercare plans. We know, from our collective experience, how important the follow through on your individual recovery will be to long term success.
Simply put, we will do all that we promise for you and your family.
We will lovingly and effectively confront your challenges, and help you expand room in your heart and soul for your spirit to not only grow, but to soar! Let us guide you through the steps to a new tomorrow. You are worth the journey!

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